SATA 15P + 6P to 6-Pin Power Supply Cable for SSD hard disk CD-ROM

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It's used for DELL 3653 3650 3655 3252 motherboard power supply for Hard Drive.The 6-Pin plug connects to motherboard. The dual SATA plugs connect to the hard drive/CD-ROM. It can connect two hard drives. Does not support: DELL OptiPlex 7020 9020 SFF T1700


  • Connects motherboard ATX 6-Pin to SATA Hard Drive
  • Compatible for DELL 3653 3650 3655 3252
  • Connector A: ATX 12V 6-Pin
  • Connector B: 1 x SATA 15P and 1 x SATA 6P
  • Length: 30 + 15 cm, Material: 18AWG Wire

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