Overclocking Avalon Mini Rig

  • 1) First setup your mini rig as shown in my video: http://youtu.be/If-padHumv4
  • 2) Download and update the software of the mini rig from here
  • 3) At time of writing, version 20130821 is the newest. Download the openwrt-ar71xx-generic-tl-wr703n-v1-squashfs-factory.bin file
  • 4) Install the software while you are logged in and the unit is running.
  • 5) It will restart and now you can change the frequency to whatever number you wish. The higher the frequency the faster the miner. (Status > cgminer configuration > Chip Frequency)
  • 6) Start gradually, put the frequency to 390, wait an hour and see how much the speed increases. Then try to put it to 400.
  • 7) When the miner becomes unstable stop and move back down. This might mean you need a strong PSU (i.e. power pack) to reach that speed.
  • Overclock at your own risk. This will make your warranty with Avalon invalid and could damage the lifespan of the unit

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