How to reflash firmware for Red/Blue Fury USB miner

  • 1) Download the Fireware here
  • 2) Make sure to download the "dfu-programmer" package which can be done by typing these in terminal: sudo apt-get install dfu-programmer
  • 3) Make sure you have extracted the files of the firmware archive BF1-Firmware.tgz. Open a terminal session and step into the directory BF1-Firmware. Two files must be in there: and BitfuryBTC.hex
  • 4) Plug the device into a free USB port of the PC
  • 5) Press and hold the PRG button
  • 6) Press and release the RST button
  • 7) Release the PRG button
  • 8) Flash the software with the ihncluded script: sudo ./
  • 9) Reset the USB device by pushing the RST button on the PCB
  • After the final reset of USB device, the BF1 board enumerated by the host PC. The dual colo LED should glow.
  • When you enter the command 1sub the device should be listed like this:
  • Bus 006 Device 003: ID 03eb:204b Atmel Corp. LUFA USB to Serial Adapter Project
  • If this is the case, the firmware has been loaded successfully.

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