Gekkoscience Terminus R606 SHA256 Bitcoin Pod Miner

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Introducing the newest quiet consumer miner from GekkoScience, the (up to) 1Th/s Terminus R606 USB Pod Miner.


Full specifications:

  • Stock speed is 700GH when using 12V 8A power brick or 6 pin PCIE
  • Can be overclocked to speeds up to 1Th/s+
  • Power consumption: 100 - 120 Watts
  • Quiet, Enclosed Design is Perfect for Highly Efficient Home Mining!
  • Mine almost any SHA256 cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, bitcoin cash, digibyte, etc
  • Simple push button to increase & decrease Vcore

Finally, that quiet, efficient, stackable, adjustable, 60-120W miner we've been looking for since 2014! The R606 is fully-enclosed in an aluminum shell for better air ducting (including better main regulator cooling for high-end stability). Heatsinking is improved for more efficient ASIC cooling, plus the integrated 80mm quiet fan is a standard size.

The miner features twelve (12) of Bitmain's BM1387 ASICs (as found in the Antminer S9), and an adjustable core voltage (from 390mV to 460mV) using a simple push-button interface to step up or down in 10mV increments, with internal calibration and a straightforward LED readout. No screwdrivers or meters necessary!

The Terminus needs an external controller running cgminer, with USB connection to the miner. Every Terminus miner has an internally regulated 5V USB power output (2.5A limit) which can be used to power a small controller like a Raspberry Pi. The miner runs on 12V power from either a standard 2.1/5.5mm barrel jack, or a PCIe 6-pin jack. We highly recommend using an efficient server PSU Kit for best performance.

The "stock" speed is about 700Gh/s, and with any decent power supply, it can theoretically reach speeds up to (or slightly exceeding) 1Th/s+ with an estimated power usage of only ~90-120 Watts!

We suggest you sue this power supply:



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