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Eyeboot™ is a registered trademark of Eyeboot Limited. Eyeboot Limited was established in 2013 as a manufacturer and designer of high end electronics and consumer appliances. Today, Eyeboot Limited manufacturers a range of products such as power supplies, AC to DC power converters, LED switchers, computer adapter cables, ASIC miners and USB hub solutions. Supporting businesses with our custom USB hub and power supply solutions. Eyeboot Shop also stocks the following high-tech electronic brands; Eyeboot, AKAGO, Bitmain, Mean Well, Antrouter, Dell, HP, Huawei, Block Erupter and Rockminer.



Eyeboot Limited created the Eyeboot™ 49 Port 5V USB 2.0 Hub (110-220V) which quickly became a product leader in the field of high volume USB communication solutions. Ideal for business and consumer needs, the hub is used for a wide variety of data processing applications, including, but not limited to; bitcoin mining, mass USB duplication, voice over IP (VOIP) and data processing.



In response to customer feedback and the need for high powered USB charging solutions, Eyeboot Limited designs a range of high current (2 Amp per port) USB hub charging solutions such as the Eyeboot™ Electronic 19 port 40Amp USB 3.0 Hub (charging and data transfer) and the Eyeboot™ 20 port USB Hub 35Amp Charging Station 220/110v (charge only).



The new and improved, second version, Eyeboot™ 49 Port 5V USB 2.0 Hub goes on sell in 2016 4Q. With integrated power supply and sleek design, it is the perfected neat mass USB port solution, all in one tidy black box, designed for business and industrial uses. Full support for smartphones, Huawei USB wifi dongles, VOIP and other USB devices. The hub is primarily sold to business and professional users in industrial/scientific settings.



After forming partnerships with distributors and department stores in North America, Eyeboot Limited continued their vertical expansion and release their own brand of reliable and resilient AC to DC, DC to AC, DC to DC and ATX power supply solutions. A new product range of computer adapter cables are designed for business users and computer hobbyists and are supplied to our distribution partners in USA and Canada. Eyeboot Limited start providing OEM and ODM manufacturing services for business customers. 


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