Eyeboot 49 Port USB Hub 60A Power Supply and Cables Bundle 1

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This is a 49 port hub that is capable of reliably supplying 1Amp per port even when it is fully loaded with 49 devices. It will never overheat or become a fire hazard. We recommend this hub for people who want to sync or run 40+ USB devices at the same time. Ready to use, simply plug and play and the hub will automatically detected by Windows, iOS and Linux. Works great with Huawei Wifi Modem USB dongles such as the E303, E3131, E3372 and other models.


For charging devices, we suggest our Eyeboot 20 Port USB hub Charging station, which can supply 2A per port and charge phones/smart tablets at full speed:




Important Note:

When using the Eyeboot 49 Port Hub with Mean Well power supply, the power will always be on. Even when you turn off the power switch on the hub. This is because of the design of the mean well power supply. You must turn off the power by unplugging the mean well power supply or turning off power switch at the socket. 



- 24-Pin ATX Power Supply (not included)

- Uses 5V rail of PSU

- Supports 110 – 230 volts

- 49 Front facing Standard A USB ports 

- All 49 ports support 480M Full Speed

- 1 side facing USB Male A port for connecting to computer

- 0.5 – 1.0A per port

- USB 2.0 standard

- 36 mm distance per port

- MTT framework to achieve MAX power output

- Supports low speed and high speed data transmission depending on need

- Power LED to show when off or on

- Colour: Yellow

- Hub runs cool


What you are getting:

1 x Eyeboot 49 Port USB Hub

1 x Mean Well 60 Amo (110 or 240 volts) Power Supply and Cable (EU/UK/US/AU plug available)

1 x Mean well to ATX cable

1 x USB data cable


Hub Dimensions

35cm x 20cm x 3.5 cm


Total Weight

2.5 kg

Unlike cheaper USB ports that only implement links at USB 1.0 standard (12mb/s speeds but state they are 'compatible' with USB 2.0) this is a professional FULL 480 Mb/s port that complies and implements the full 2.0 USB standard. It may also be used to connect to generic USB 1.0 equipment. 



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