ATX 5V to LED Meanwell Switcher PSU Cable 1 meter

Brand: Eyeboot
Product Code: ATX1M5V
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ATX 5V to LED Meanwell Switcher PSU Cable 1 meter


Length: 1 m
Wire thickness: 18 gauge
Connector A: ATX
Connector B: 6 ring lug connectors
Weight: 160 grams


It was designed and created so that a simple 60A or 80A 5V LED meanwell switcher power supply could be used to power the Eyeboot 49 Port USB hub. The benefit of using this to power the hub is simply because Meanwell PSUs are so cheap and can supply in excess of 1 - 2 Amps of power to each port on the hub.



Cable only uses 5V pins on the ATX, also if you use the cable then hub power is always on! To turn off you must use power switch on the LED switcher PSU.



The cable has been tested successfully with the Eyeboot 49 port hub so we know it can be used safely with that hub. However we have no idea how it will react with other 5V devices so be warned. Eyeboot Limited is not responsible if it melts your substandard hub because it is not capable of taking such a large amount of power. 



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